About the Project


These guidelines build upon a set of protocols for researchers developed by Transition Network, coordinating and support body for the international Transition movement of community-based responses to peak oil, climate change, and inequality. Since around 2007, Transition Network and many local Transition initiatives have experienced high levels of interest from academic researchers. However, tensions have often arisen between the needs of researchers and those of  the Transition groups with which they seek to work.


Since 2011, the Transition Research Network has been actively collaborating with Transition Network in order to harmonise the relationship between Transition and research. We think that Transition's commitment to learning through doing and researchers' interest in creating and communicating new knowledge can be a perfect match, and that research and resaerchers can have crucial roles in creating a fairer and more resilient low-carbon society. These guidelines are part of a suite of resources Transition Research Network is developing to support this.


Work on these guidelines began as part of the research project 'Connection, Participation and Empowerment in Community-based Research: the case of the Transition movement'. This was funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council in their Connected Communities research programme, and ran from February 2012 to January 2013. It enabled a team of academics and Transition activists to create a draft set of guidelines for research involving Transition groups.

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