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Curious when you think the site will be ready for general invitations? I have another housemate - besides Tom Atlee - who was involved in a local Transition group for a while. (She's still interested, but the group faded away alas.)

  --John Abbe.....2013-03-17 04:44:26 +0000

Sounds like an interesting household! I'm planning to put a general call-out around mid/late April, once I've had  a chance to put a few days more work into content and background. Meantime I'm mentioning it to the odd person who has an active interest - so she can by all means sign up if she would like.

--Tom Henfrey

I hope to transition participation in institutional situations (Schools) to action-oriented outdoor adventures involving real landscapes and mobile devices. If I can help to liberate youngsters from regimented classroom confinement to places where they can romp and play while performing valuable ecosystem services, I will have accomplished much of my work. What we (the Public) need is better geophysical data, wildlife inventories, water quality data, knowledge of climate norms and weather patterns, knowledge of topographical features, points of interest, local history and all kinds of other content for "locapedias" - very local encyclopedias of special knowledge. I want to link in storytelling, surveying, design, heart and soul conversations and even song and dance via a Smallest Federated Wiki or similar network of locales as they enter into the transition movement. I want to incorporate rich media and public local open data into thematic websites that get rendered easily and transparently on a wide range of mobile devices and networked workstations. We need a way for ordinary folks to join together via the fully-connected experience of transition.

  --CharleyQuinton.....2013-03-28 23:53:56 +0000

Thanks, Tom! Someone on the mailing list for the Pattern Language of Group Process mentioned using the Group Works card deck to reflect on their Transition Towns experience, so I've also pointed them here. Intertwingliness abounds...

  --John Abbe.....2013-04-01 07:59:40 +0000

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