How to Contribute

The project welcomes new contributors, whose input can be at any of several levels.


The simplest way is to sign up as a pattern user. This allows you to make comments on patterns and other aspects of the site for pattern developers to take into account, and participate in ongoing discussion of the project. To do this, request an account by following the Sign Up link.

Once signed up as a pattern user, use the comment boxes or the 'discuss' link from the cog at the top right hand corner of pattern descriptions and other cards.


If you want to help with creating, writing and editing patterns you can become a pattern developer. As this requires a higher level of responsibility and engagement we will probably want to talk to you about this - you could either provide details when you sign in or send us a message. This also applies if you are interested in a higher level of input, including site development/administration.

Developers can create new bud patterns by following the 'Create new pattern' link in the menu on the right , and change existing patterns by double-clicking the relevant text or selecting edit from the cog.


Inspired by the open source movement, the developers of these guidelines consider them a common pool resource available to anyone who wants to use or modify them for their own (non-commercial) purposes. We are actively seeking to collaborate with other academic-activist networks associated with grassroots social movements on future projects, so if that interests you please get in touch.


We like everyone who signs up to tell us a bit about themselves so we keep track of who is in our community of collaborators. By default, this information will go into your personal profile on the site, which will be visible to other registered users, and which you can edit whenever you want.

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