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Welcome to the Transition Research Marketplace.


This is a space for Transition groups and other community-led sustainability initiatives (ecovillages, permaculture projects, low carbon communities, energy co-ops, community gardens, etc.) interested in working with researchers, and for researchers interested in collaborating with Transition and similar community initiatives. Here you can browse and respond to the research offers and invitations left by others, add your own, and begin conversations that are the first step in research collaborations.


It is also a portal to the Transition Research Guidelines, an open and ongoing project coordinated by the Transition Research Network that explores the best ways for researchers to make meaningful contributions to grassroots sustainability action. You also follow links on this site if you would like to find out more about the project, contact the project coordinators, or get involved.


To join the marketplace you can:

Browse offers from researchers

Browse offers from community groups


Submit a research offer (you will need to have or create an account on the site)



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