To do list - phase 1 content


Transition Research Pattern Language: Key Outstanding Tasks




Extend content of many patterns – especially those currently in 'seed' form.




Systematically check over and add relationships among patterns (grammar)



Develop entry points and navigational guides:

 Gesa to combine existing guides into a single draft document in time for German conference in October

  • Based on existing TN guidelines (extending and adapting these, with links to relevant patterns)

  • Suggestions from Durham workshop (love story, etc.)

  • Based on Experiences Report



Create Image Library, guidelines and facility to add images to this. A few people I know who are keen photographers have offered to contribute images – which pattern editors can then use to illustrate patterns – Alan Charlton, Gesa, Rosie Godson. Either invite these people or forage for pictures in their collections (e.g. Rosie's flickr account) – we could include on the entry page for the image library a set of links to this and other resources (e.g. Wikimedia commons). We could also ask other keen photographers (e.g. Mike Grenville) and put a call out for contributions.



Background pages on pattern languages.


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